2014 brahmOthsavam

srImathE satagOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

brahmOthsavam_day1Thanks to sundararaman swamy for the pictures.

Message from thirumeyyam sundararaman swamy:

thirumeyyam Day 9 Dwaja-Avarohanam Utsavam on 13 June 2014

Morning – Thirumanjanam Kandu Arulal,
Arulicheyal: Amalanathipiran, Kannin-Nun-Sriuthambu,
Periya Thirumozhi = 10+11m Pathu + Respective Arulicheyalgal Satrumurai

Arulicheyal – Thirukurunthandagam + Thirunedunthandagam = Satrumurai
THIRUVAIMOZHI 10m Pathu + Iramanusa Nootrandhadhi
Thiru Veedhi Purappadm,
Temple Mariyadhaigal,
Thiruvaimozhi + Iramanusa Nootrandhadhi Satrumurai
Theertham, Sri Satagopam, Prasadam.

On 14th June (10th day) Vidaiyatri Utsavam
Special thanks to Shri Jayabalan President Thirumeyyar Arakkattalai &
his Team plus Shri Ramanujam Retd Income Tax officials who takes lot
of initiative for this temple via many sources.
Even today the highest Sambahavanai for concerned people in this
Utsavam is Rs.30/- and lowest Sambhavanai is Rs.5/- on daily basis.
But without looking at all these things, ALL CONCERNED to this people
do come and do their part of work for the Utsavam be celebrated in the
best possible grand manner.
Shri Krishnamoorthy Bhattar,
Sthaneegars —> Shri Ranganathan, Shri Janaki Raman, Shri
Kalyanaraman, Shri Narasimhan, Shri Parthasarathy every one took
interest to ensure EMBERUMAN is pleased.

Everything went off very well.

My special personal thanks to Shri Thirumalai Venkatesh (my
Co-Brother) who has shown me “the path” as to where I should travel in
my life.  Otherwise I would have been in “no man’s land”.

My Elder co-Brother President Shri Thirumayam Krishnan Sridharan (of
Bangalore) – President of Thiru Meyya Malai Ala Ramanuja Jeeyar  is
taking lot of pains in re-establishing Arulicheyal Kainkaryams at this
Temple since year 2010 is encouraging each and every time I step in to
this place and temple.  Without his active support, it would have been
My gratitute goes to him also.

Timely support in joining me by Shri Ramanujam (2nd theerthakarar of
Thirumazhisai) and Sri Veeraraghavan BV for Arulicheyal chanting.
We hope to do better and better in the days, months and years to come


Sri Ujiivanavalli Nayika Sametha Sathyamoorthy Peruman Thiruvadigale Saranam

Message from thirumeyyam sundararaman swamy:
In this I have covered some of the Local people who have their share of work to celebrate both Vaikasi and Thiru Adipooram Utsavams. Thanks to all those who made it possible.
Morning: EMBERUMAN Thirumanjanam Kandu-Arulal.
Followed by Thirumanjanam for Swami Nammazhwar as a part of Vaikasi Visakham and also for Sri Manavala Mamunigal being Moolam Thirunakshatram (monthly – Vaikasi).
Despite tight schedule, lesser manpower – Bhattar and Sthaneegar performed Thirumanjanam for Azhwar, Acharyan.
For Azhwar, Acharyan == Thiruppallandu, Kannin-Nun-Siruthambu, Koyil Thiruvaimozhi, Thiruvaimozhi Nootrandhadhi + Satrumurai.
Upadesa Rathinamalai + Satrumurai
Thiru Veedhi Purappadu.
Special thanks to Shri Ramanujam of Thirumazhisai to be part of Arulicheyal Ghoshti from 11–14 June 2014.

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